Bluetooth headphone Stutter/Lag


Just bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones for my phone so I can finally be free of wires while watching media content or playing games. Turns out that vainglory has this bug that is about 3.5 years old and the sound lags/stutters as if I was emulating a DS game on a crappy computer I’ve played music and opened vainglory at the same time to make sure it’s not the headphones. So its not the headphones 😬 neither my phone. The game runs beautifully on my phone just the stutter is unreal.

Contacted support and game me a crappy solution 🤷‍♂️
“We recommend you use a wired connection for your headphones”

Kinda disappointed it’s been so long and this issue hasn’t been fixed. Tbh it shouldn’t be a problem since everything else runs well, but I’m no game developer. 😅

I would like a detailed answer/ technical viewpoint of the problem not just some “we are looking on it” type of answer.

And I know people will be like “play with headphones it’s better or whatever” but there’s no lag while watching any video it’s always in sync so why not?

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  1. Well, it does not have to do with the game first of all. That’s just the way Bluetooth works. Other standards are trying to take the place of bluetooth for wireless audio that is lag free but it is going to take a while until they are completely adopted.

    Edit: the reason why there is no lag for video playback is because your phone is smart and delays it so that it is in sync. For online games, you can’t do that… because, lag.

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