1. I like the idea of the ability, I just can’t fit it into what I’m doing with the heroes. Being able to hack defences on pvp so that everything wants to shoot it not my troops is hard to ignore.

  2. Why use your hero tokens on an ability that **needs** to be maxed to not be literally useless when you can use them on abilities that are already useful from level 1?

  3. Terrible audio on the video and also trying to up sell the explosive charges.

    You picked a base with a cluster of towers which you really don’t find outside of this 1 base. You can’t really use the ability with troops due to fairing and the odds you get an actual persons base to use this are almost slim to none.

    This would be just a complete waste of upgrade tokens to even get.

  4. Honestly, outside of Ops, this is the only Everspark ability I use. Critter Swarm is great when you can take out all of the splash, but it’s rare, and UR costs too much energy to be used outside of Ops.

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