Have you ever had a fight this close? https://imgur.com/a/n1alG



I am a newbie player, more than a month playing I guess. These trials have been a real effort for me to try my best with what I have. For high rank players or farmed players, this may not be what they normally face with, but it was quite a hold-my-breath moment for me after all the flashes died down.

What you see is my best units right now, I have pretty much nothing else, apart from Firion. He is not in this fight because he is not strong enough, and I need Setzer and Agrias and Ashe to chain for my friend’s unit to finish.

No unit is enhanced.

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  1. I have my Zargabaath kitted for def/spr, and so he only takes like 30-60% damage because he’s also wearing a defense ring(auto shell/protect) in case he can’t put up Archadian light.

    On more than one occasion, this has unexpectedly won the ELT raid because:

    Everyone else: dead.
    Zargabaath: Takes about 30-60% damage; casts full heal/half MP on self or uses limit break.
    Boss(at 20%): Only takes down 35% of Zargabaath’s HP, using mostly magic attacks.
    Zargabaath: counters magic attacks.

    Basically, he just kept healing himself, and 25 turns later, countered the enemy to death.

    …I’ve used this strategy before. I will use it again. I want my damn raid coins, and if that means I have to install a dirty, long, dragging myself through 5 miles of sewage to get them like Andy Dufresne backup in case my main strategy gets derailed, I WILL DO IT.

  2. Went to Golbez fight mostly unprepared and overconfident, my units are quite strong and nicely geared (went with chainers, supports, Ayaka and Garnet for Esper kill). I was quite confident I could OBAMA the boss after 50% threshold, yet surpriise, he’s only 1% left (messed my Esper timing), and only Ayaka’s up… Nowhere near having my LB to AoE raise, and my units would have been wiped at next turn anyway.

    So in some hope of trying something, anything, and my stubbornness to finish with an Esper (Ayaka was on Lakshmi..), I somehow managed to get Garnet up and survive one turn, and then I could DC reraise on Ayaka and Garnet every turn. They’d die and raise every turn, and Garnet auto attacking to raise her LB/ Esper gauge.

    At some point, I could summon Bahamut with Garnet and finish the fight, but daamn, that was a close call.

  3. I guess this isn’t *as* close looking, but I managed to beat the hard Sheratan battle on my first try… by a hair.

    I didn’t have strong AoE chaining. Only pulled one copy of 9S, so I didn’t have two Pods. I went for a single target chain into Garnet evoking Bahamut for the Esper kill after Phase 2 of the fight started, hoping that I could kill off everyone with Megaflare.

    But because my Divine Ruination chain was single target, only Sheratan was hit with the chained Megaflare (and defeated). The fruits were hit with unchained Megaflare damage and survived with half health.

    They went berserk and started inflicting status ailments and sucking MP.

    I only have four Ribbons, so I had gaps in my status protection between my ten battle participants. The worst of it was when my Onion Knight was hit with Confusion. He took out a few of my party members before hitting himself.

    Managed to get the second fruit to low health and had *just* enough MP left on my Orlandeau to do a Divine Ruination and secured the win.

    Got all the achievements too. πŸ™‚

    [Everyone in the second party is dead except Garnet… who is petrified.](https://imgur.com/a/F7Vfm)

  4. I think people are downvoting you because you posted about wiping 2% on a fairly short trial while many here have wiped at 1% on multi-hour ones.

  5. i had something similar on the Enchidna trial, everyone but my healer was dead and my healer had 15% HP or so, the boss was at 1% and i managed the kill by summoning my esper

  6. Antenolla when it first came out. I had just lost every unit except Cloud of Darkness and just couldn’t do enough damage that last turn to finish it off. Just a sliver left of health, could barely see any red left. Was probably my most memorable battle playing this game

  7. I got Sheratan’s HP down as much as I could, and tried to cap the chain with Shiva, but I mistimed and she survived. Attack team gets wiped out.

    Next turn, I use Rikku’s Sunburst. No dice. And then Wilhelm [pokes](https://imgur.com/a/FmySL) her to death with a counter. XD

    Waiting to get Bahamut before I try again.

  8. I’m lending out my crisis mode Dark Veritas to anyone who wants to auto attack the boss for the win. Just hit me up. 769 181 941

  9. when i was a newb I had one in a story event.

    My party is basically wiped, with a friend 2B left. The boss is left with 15% HP though, luckily 2B killed it with her LB, otherwise thats a lot of energy wasted D:

  10. There was a post a while ago of a guy facing Echidna and his only unit left was Yun with 0 mp and like 10 hp, but he had a full esper bar. I think that guy ended up winning and getting the esper kill.

  11. once with the dark espers trial, dark veritas was the only one alive, and somehow he managed to beat the crap out of dark ifrit AND siren by himself! that was an awesome day hehe…

  12. Had this feeling over and over in the Bahamut raid and the Titan raid. They were always close calls, some with me dying, others with them dying.

  13. I think you’re underestimating firion a bit, even unenhanced hes still imo one of the best one but finishers, especially considering he comes at 3*, if i were you id look into replacing one of your units with him, possibly setzer, he’s got 2 innate demon killers and plenty of atk+ passives, he can cap a chain off pretty nicely using the units you have. Worth some thought anyway, this is coming from a 1 + 1/2 year player who up until about 2 weeks ago was still using a stacked firion.

    Also feel free to send me a friend request 106,607,384. Ill even put my firion up if you want haha

  14. I actually do this intentionally – a lot. That “get out of death” card plus rikku is a powerful combo for getting past thresholds.
    Take Bahamut for example: I went all out turn one, my Fry lived with 1 health by design. Turn 2, finish him off.

  15. Some team building advice:
    You’re too stacked on damage and all your chainers are incompatible with eachother. Swap one of them for a dupe (or if your agrias has DR enhanced chain with a friend orlandeau) and another one for a support (rain is a good start if you don’t have soleil enhanced. Illusionist nichol is also what I’d consider an “end-game only” tank since the units that he causes to cover have less mitigation and are overall far more squishy compared to WoL/EV/charlotte

  16. That’s why you never finish a boss fight with just auto attacks… happended too often to many players that they got rected by the final blow. πŸ˜€

    Btw welcome in the community!

  17. During the Golbez trial I accidentally the dragon when Golbez still had 40% HP left. I don’t know why, but for some reason on 15 different during that last phase my party was wiped, but my ayaka refused to give up and was able to bring my party back.

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