1. This has been the team I’ve been using, and I’m having trouble with the Falcon. Any tips would be appreciated!

    Wolvie- Black Panther and Black Widow

    Cap WW2- Falcon and War Machine

    Magik- War Machine and Falcon

    Hyperion- Iron Man and Black Panther CW

    Angela- Cleanup

  2. What is your mystic dispersion set at? I had a pretty easy time fighting him with any of my mystic power control champs like Voodoo and dormammu. You could do it with magik and just keep him locked. If not always try to push him to SP2 since it’s evadable and you won’t take a ton of blocked damage.

  3. OG BP – Iceman
    Scarlet Witch – Iceman
    War Machine – Duped Ronan Any Star
    Falcon – Hawkeye / Vision
    Iron Man – AA
    CW BP – AA

  4. Use ur duped capww2 against falcon. Long fights bt u wud come out same hp or higher (salve mastery). I used capww2 specifically for falcon all lanes. That block is like wall of china with stacked furies of falcon. Block everything and hit on obvious openings like after heavy or l1.

  5. Hey guys
    I needed some help too
    My team is:
    4/40 spidey stark
    4/40 iceman
    4/40 voodoo
    4/40 elektra
    2/35 ghost rider

    Will I be able to explore round 4 with this team??

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