Samuel Skin Suggestions


**Rebel Fighter – “Shinobi Samuel” (Epic)**

> *Honor. Loyalty. Piety.* Wastes of time.

Model, Animation & SFX Changes

– Wears a cloak of living shadows

– Utility belt with various ninja armaments

– Masked face for a mysterious appearance

– Throws **kunai** to take down enemies

– Moves under the **cover of night**, upgrading his kunai to **gunpowder kunai**

– Throws a deadly poisoned smoke bomb that puts enemies to sleep

Don’t like ninjas? Think Taka should keep his niche? Then…

**Prodigy Onmyoji – “[Abe]( no Seimuel” (Legendary)**

> Come closer. I have *answers*.

Model, Animation & SFX Changes

– Traditional **Heian Period court robes**

– Twin **calligraphy brushes**

– Throws **demon-sealing [ofuda](** to purify the enemy

– Erects a mobile barrier of light, empowering ofuda for explosive effect

– Puts enemies to sleep with a powerful **demon-destroying incantation**

Take down the Storm Empress with your lethal tactics, or protect her domain with your infallible divination. Which path will you choose?

Edit: Added Splash Art: [Abe no Seimuel](

I’m not exactly a Photoshop pro, but I tried.

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