1. 1. How do you want to achieve that?
    2. Why can’t I test out meta deck in casual when I’m not familiar with it and not know how to pilot effectively?

  2. casual basically means you can play anything without consequence. All decks belong to this category. There are only 18 deck slots most people just click on a deck already available from the deck slot when they go into casual. So of course it is one of the many “meta” decks. Where else will people practice the “meta” decks than in casual?

    Basically what you are asking for is “hey reddit let me win more games for free while I play my yeti garbage”

  3. Dude if you was fuck around with bad decks play with a friend

    Other people are trying to finish quests with their budget and off meta stuff

  4. There already is a mode for those. It’s friendly challenges.

    Although a warning: People will disagree what a meta deck is frequently, mostly based on if it’s their deck or their opponent’s.

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