Where did the jungling/farming habit come from?


I am not talking about heroes that need farming to be useful, high level players who do things efficiently or a well coordinated team where the main damage dealer gets to build gear. I am talking about the players thay habitually jungle even if a wave of minions are going to destroy their turret, their teammate need the buff more or even if your teammate needs backup nearby.

I played DoTA 1 a long, long time ago. The last “new” hero released I played was Lanaya. Because of this, I was familiar to the strategy to get good gear before I played ML but I also know that it won’t matter if you lose so many turrets early on. It’s just common sense.

**Because your enemy also builds gear. When you completed your items it is very likely they managed to complete theirs too.**

Now in ML, I know the tutorial includes jungling but the first two tutorial made sure to show the objective of the game: destroy enemy base and dont let the enemy destroy yours.

So what do you think? Are these usually kids? Or not? Do they think they could carry if they get the right gear? Are they protecting their KDA so they would only join fights after farming? Do they think shiny items will make them dominate the fight? Are they expecting their teammates to defend 3v5? Lack of tactical awareness? Left over habit from other MOBAs?

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  1. Mostly coz they think it’s an individual game so “i jungle af to get the big ones early, i don’t even care what my team is doing. Fck our turrets, jungling is life”

  2. Most people dont have map sense. They dont watch mini map. where the minion wave is at. if its not visible, then most likely your turret will be hit by minion wave soon with a hero. So ya, they will jungle because there is a jungle monster alive now. i need to kill it fast so that i get more gold and heal.

    most of times they are so worried that their teammates or enemy will steal buff that they will go kill buff while enemy doing lord sound is audible and turret attack is announced etc. Many do this

  3. I agree with you and i think they don’t have any game sense for example, I frequently play with rafaelas that say ‘i help you’ at the buff then im like ‘ok…thx’ and then guess what? They just steal it and say ‘thank you’

  4. I think it’s the lack of knowing that there’s multiple factors that lead to winning a game besides the item dependent farm-heavy characters that get lots of kills. Characters that get kills are what appeal to the majority, so that’s what they market and promote.

    They don’t market Hylos who debilitated the enemies, not Alpha or Ruby who whittled down the enemy health before the Assassin showed up, not Diggie who ulted at the perfect time, not Estes who kept the team alive, not Aurora who froze everyone, but they will market Layla/Miya/Alucard that do lots of damage with Auto attacks and can get Pentakills.

    There’s no “Healing Done” or “Damage Mitigated” or “Time Controlled” stats that are tracked, medals favor KDA, none of the Tanks have Epic skins, heck even the ITEMS Favor jungling. Retribution has a very low CD and items and emblems give it so many added effects.

    That’s why its common to have 3+ farm characters on a team, all with the same mindset, but they’re only going to be hindering eachother because there’s not 3 mid lanes or 3 buffs.

  5. I like to give my 2 cents, as a Lesley user I found out most of the popular hero (Lance, kagura, most of the fighters and all of the mm’s) are item dependant. It’s kinda natural to think you have to farm first and pray enemy team are bunch of dumbhead (which ironic because in rank you mostly playing against enemy at your level).

    In DotA we understand the role of support, even Bounty Hunter played as support (he an agi heroes, much like assassin, I mean the name speak for itself Bounty Hunter)

    No one really pick tank in lower rank even less want to play support (I dare you to pick Nana in rank when you go solo).

    So yeah it’s not people want to jungle, they kinda HAVE to as a consequence to picking more popular, more item dependant heroes)

    *Lesley solo rank really hurts by this as same level Lesley never wins lane against other decent mm’s but well farmed Lesley can shred even tank from safe range

  6. Its all thanks to YT. If they say jungling is bad and you shouldnt jungle, then most of community (if not all) wont jungle bc YT said so.

    If not internet nowadays, people wouldnt be even able to tie shoelaces.

  7. I think people farm only jungle because they are inexperienced with the game. They think the only way to beat the other team is to out-farm them instead of playing better. I used to be this same way with Alucard when I first started playing. When people realize they can get as much XP and gold by spending more time clearing waves and less time jungling they start to rank higher.

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