Why people hate when I pick diggy against haya , fanny & akai


i have got so much hate when i pick diggy against this 3 hero but last game it was wrost nightmare i got matched up with 3man team they kept abusing me entire game for picking diggy, i solo fanny & also helped disable entire akai kit from mid game onwards

they wanted me to pick saber & solo fanny but I told they them diggy is far better to solo againt fanny & i did my job harassing fanny so much that he just started backing out when she seen me

friends saber ult has 14-16 sec cooldown where diggy has 3-4sec cooldown he can break her rope he can stun her a tank diggy is far better against haya, fanny, akai then saber,

againt fanny you keep cutting her ropes & make her do basic attack to clear minions

againt haya you trick him to ult you & put down your skill 1 under you inside turrent & keep spamming skill 2 button as soon as he gets out he will be bought back from his shadow & insta stun turrent will focus all agro on him

against akai no need to tell this bird counters his entire kit

if you get ganked diggy has his ult so he cannot get cc’ed & that makes him best escaper enemy will 1-2 times to gank you but when they fail they will just leave you alone

am not diggy main & i have only played like 40-50 games but you need to know for a reason he is best support atm before judging things

& at end of day it’s just a game then why so much hate for 10-15min we get matched up together & play together

btw this all 3 sent me friend request after game saying they didn’t expected diggy to be so good … grrrrr

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  1. May I know your diggie build? I’m interested in picking him up, as he’s a great support to counter the meta heroes atm.

  2. Because sadly, people think supports are useless, Diggie completely makes Akai and to a lesser extent, Fanny obsolete. He is great in the right hands and counters a lot of annoying heroes

  3. I hate Diggie because he’s annoying in the hands of someone who is good. Those constant pulls and CC + Shield gives me Nightmares. And having to run back to base just to teleport back? Ugh.

    Diggie is a really good hero. I guess people have yet to see it

  4. Don’t listen to these garbages in your team. Diggie is the best support and his ultimate is gama changing. One of the best teamfight tools in the game. His second skill is really strong for picks too.

  5. In this game if you pick a support hero you get hate, simple as that. I don’t even care anymore I pick the hero I want, and they are really stupid to think that Diggie is useless because he is very usefull during team fight.

  6. Those are noobs. Diggie is the best anti-cc and a game changer. Diggie is used to lock annoying enemies like akai and fanny

  7. So true, I had that with Rafaela before. 3 times! They all said the same thing, “no rafa” but I got mvp and did well saving their a**. Friend invite in the end. “Decline”

  8. because diggy sucks.. why is that so hard for people to see. never does turret damage, barely saves your team and not even a huge asset to your team. and if your team cant kill very well, then diggy is even more of a shitty pick. his cc isnt that great either. I honestly get happy when I see diggy on the other team because i immediately know we have an advantage.

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